Composting Services Across America Go Pedal-Powered

Bike Powered Composting Trailers

One of the first applications for Kanner Karts bicycle trailers was in the field of distributed community composting with Gainesville Compost.

In 2012, I met Steven at our local farmers market and he told me about how he was experimenting with bike trailer fabrication and was interested in collaborating.

We worked together to develop the first heavy-duty bike trailer for Gainesville Compost, which proved we could haul 500+ pounds with a single bike.

Since then, the models have improved dramatically and the product has taken root in other communities, as entrepreneurs across America work to build similar bike-powered composting operations.

Kanner Karts are currently in use in the following cities for the purpose of bike-powered food waste diversion:

* Gainesville, FL with Gainesville Compost
* Savannah, GA with WellFed Compost
* Traverse City, MI with Carter’s Compost
* New York City, NY with Common Ground Compost
* Los Angeles, CA with L.A. Compost

I couldn’t be more proud to work with Steven on this mission. Kanner Karts has found a niche in community composting, and we look forward to shipping them even further to empower other communities to divert waste from the landfill using zero-emissions transportation.

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