Zero-Emission Snow Plows Clear Northern Michigan Streets… by Bike!

Bike Powered Snow Plow

As commuters and businesses increasingly embrace cycling, bike-powered services now run the gamut from food waste collection to urban delivery to… snow plowing?

Yes. Bike-powered snow plows now clear the city streets in Traverse City, Michigan thanks to a neat invention by NORTE!, a non-profit whose mission is to “inspire Traverse City youth through bicycles.”

The instructions for building the bike plows are on the NORTE! site, so that other communities may also institute this sustainable snow plowing solution.

After ordering our bike trailers for Carter’s Compost in Traverse City, the folks behind Carter’s Compost and their allies NORTE! requested 10+ Kanner Karts bike trailer hitches which they use to pull their snow plows.

Snow Plow Bike Hitch

Needless to say, we won’t be using this brilliant invention in our cozy and warm hometown of Gainesville, Florida. But we were excited to learn that one of the NORTE board members is a University of Florida alum with a Bachelor’s degree in Resource Conservation. Go Gators!

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